Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's on the Drawing Board

Hi there,

This eye will be part of a series I am beginning called "Body Language". Drawing something as delicate as the iris took a lot of time, I had to put down light layers and blend over and over again to give it that soft, moist realistic look. While drawing I began seeing an optical illusion, the pupil looked to be dilating, which in this case was very fitting.

15 x 20 inches (actual drawing is 13x7.5) - Nielsen Bainbridge Illustration board - 3b Mechanical Pencil - 3b, b, h graphite - plain tissue and blending stumps - 10 days

Stock image by Netizka from DeviantArt:


Laura said...

Good to see you actively blogging...hehehehe...:)...."GASP"....you linked me....hahahahahaha...I feel are warm and fuzzy...hehehehe...You are amazing! I'm going back to stare at your eye some more...or maybe just my eyelids...nighty night!


Anett said...

I can't get over of what you did with my eye. I'm now one of your biggest fans. :)